About Artist

Born in Wales, Tony Watts, artist and photographer, started his photographic pursuits with a box brownie at age 12, explored the underwater world with a Nikonos in his twenties and thirties in the Caribbean and Bermuda and is now fully immersed in the complexity and versatility of the digital world.

A finance professional by vocation, photography is Tony’s main creative interest outside the pressures of work. A resident of New Orleans since 1997, he has improved his photographic skills by gaining exposure to a wide range of professional and amateur artists. 

Most of his images are captured on a Canon Rebel but now, with the excellent camera capabilities of an iphone he can capture images anytime.

Whether he is at a car event, on the street, driveway or parking lot his eye is always drawn to the car reflection, shining chrome, vibrant colors and beautiful designs of automobiles – vintage, classic and modern.

Tony has been a car enthusiast since his first purchase of an 1939 Austin 7 at age 16 (for the lofty sum of $20), followed by a 1952 TR2 for $200 (which boasted the only TR2 in the UK with wooden rocker panels – long story! ). Other cars he has owned include a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, two Citroen 2CV6’s, an Alfa Romeo Spider, a Goggomobil, a Ford Mustang, a Pontiac Firebird, various MG Midgets, a Mini Cooper S, and a 1966 Jaguar XKE 2+2 HFC. He currently owns a fully restored 1959 Triumph TR3A, and uses a Toyota Tundra as his daily driver. He also occasionally borrows his wife’s Mazda Miata MX5.